The Process

Every project is custom - we tailor your site to your needs. However, there is a general process we follow when working together on your project.

The Process

Every project is custom - we tailor your site to your needs. However, there is a general process we follow when working together on your project.


Strategy Session

We kick things off with a video strategy call. This call will cover a variety of things - your business goals, your website goals, your ideal client or avatar, aesthetics, branding, and much more. It’s very relaxed and fun - like we are chatting over coffee.

After the strategy call, we’ll create a site outline to help us plan your content and the user experience. We will also design your mood board to make sure your brand color and vibe is on the right track.


Marketing Message

Once we have your strategy in place and understand your goals, we will work with you on your marketing message. Simply put, your marketing message is a statement that encapsulates what you do, how you're special, who you can help, and how you can help in 1-2 sentences.

Your marketing message’s job is to keep your audience on your website. These days, most people only give a site about 5 seconds to grab their attention, so this is very important. Your marketing message helps your visitors quickly decide if they are in the right place to find the solution to the problem they have.



Once we have your strategy, branding, and marketing message in place, it’s time to begin gathering content. We have a proven process that will make it simple for you and we're here to guide and support you as much as needed.  

Some business owners know exactly what they want to say and how to say it.  Others need a lot of guidance.  Either way, we'll help you brainstorm, get organized, and share your story in a powerful way. 



This is when we'll pull together everything we’ve been working on. We'll create a beautiful, modern, and results-focused website for your business that reflects who you are, what you do, and connects with your ideal client.

By the end of this step, you will have a fully functioning demo website that you can review and then share your feedback with us.


Review & Revise

Once we get your feedback on the demo website, we will make all the necessary adjustments until everything is as you hoped it would be - and more! This is also when we work out all the little kinks, work on back-end titles and featured images, and prepare your site for launch. We will test your design across a variety of browsers and devices so it looks great anywhere on the internet. 



When it’s time to launch, we will handle the entire process for you so you don’t have to be stressed or worry about any of the tech stuff.  All you need to do is focus on sharing your brand new website with the world. 


Ongoing Support

After your site is launched, we STILL handle everything for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing if that suits you. This includes your hosting, security certificate, any minor tweaks/changes, plugin updates, and maintenance of your website month-to-month. We will even post blog articles for you if you’d like or you can do it yourself with our full suite of training videos.