Are you ready to transform the visual representation of your golf course or resort?

Chip Henderson and his creative team produce stills, drone, and b-roll video (all on a given production day) showcasing the golfscapes, lifestyle/amenities, and architecture of your golf course and resort.

Chip’s approach to golf and resort photography is to create the most dramatic images to help your course stand out from the glut of images presented in marketing today.

We don't just photograph golf - we bring your entire resort to life.

From one-day shoots to comprehensive week-long projects, we're here to elevate your property with compelling visuals.

We offer a cinematic quality that showcases your property from unique perspectives, making every shot a compelling narrative of the experience your guests can expect.

Why Work With Chip?

  • 20+ Years of Specialized Experience
    With over two decades of dedicated work in capturing the essence of golf courses and resorts, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring every shot is a masterpiece.
  • Proven Track Record and National Recognition
    Having worked with esteemed clients like Pinehurst Resort, Mission Hills Country Club, The Greenbriar, Monterey Peninsula Golf Club, Sport Illustrated, the PGA, and many others, Chip Henderson Photography is nationally recognized for delivering exceptional quality and consistently exceeding client expectations.
  • Dramatic Imagery
    Our photography is not just about capturing scenes; it's about evoking emotions and telling a story, with each image meticulously crafted to showcase the drama and beauty of your property in the most captivating light.
  • Tailored Projects
    We understand that each property has its unique charm and requirements. Our projects are customized to highlight the distinct features of your golf course or resort, ensuring the final images align perfectly with your marketing goals.
  • A Whatever-It-Takes Attitude
    We're committed to going above and beyond to capture the perfect shot, whether it means waiting for the golden hour or exploring unconventional angles, our dedication is unwavering.

Let's Connect

Let's discuss how Chip Henderson Photography can elevate your property's imagery so you can tell a compelling story.

Let's discuss how we can help you.  We have one day refresher packages to week long shoots and anything in between.  It's all with the goal of creating a new library of hundreds of new images and video/ drone work.

We're excited about the possibility of working together to create something truly remarkable for your golf course, resort, or travel destination.